Be Prepared for the Next Storm

Next time the storm hits be ready. At BAYDOG, we care about the safety of dogs and owners too. Last year heavy rains, snowstorms, floods and more hit us pretty hard! Did it catch you off guard? We’ve got some tips and gear that will help you and your dog get through the storm next time around!

1) Get ready

The first thing we recommend is to have a safe place for every disaster. Know which rooms are the safest and keep some extra supplies in those rooms. Try to think calmly and clearly. The most important thing to do is to stay calm since dogs can pick up on your energy.


2) Create “Go-Bags”: one for yourself and one for your dog.

In case you need to evacuate, go-bags will help you move faster. These are bags that are filled with essentials that you may need if you evacuate. By preparing them ahead of time, you can ensure you have everything you may need. We suggest having a go-bag for every family member and pet. Once you create your bag, it’s best to store it near the door of your house so you can easily grab it if you’re in a hurry.

3) Get a check list. Here is a checklist from the CDC of some things you may want to have on hand for your dog:


4) Have the proper gear for your dog. 

Along with a go bag, it’s imperative to have the proper gear ready for any natural disaster. You can keep these in your go bag to make sure your dog is prepared for any weather conditions you may experience. Here are a few products that we recommend:

  • Always have identification on your dog. We love the BAYDOG Tampa Embroidered Collar  because all of the important information is sewn on and the stitching is reflective.

  • Keep a coat by the door. While most pet parents do this regardless, it’s great to have a strong, reflective leash and harness so your dog can be visible in dark conditions. We advise having the Hudson Bay Leash and the Galveston Harness. If you want more safety protection, we recommend the blaze orange color.
  • Have gear for cold weather. Even if you don’t live in a place with cold temperatures, heavy rain or strong wind can make you or your dog cold. We like to keep the Glacier Bay Coat or The Saginaw bay Fleece with us at all times because it is lightweight, warm, and easily visible.

  • Consider packing a dog backpack. If you need more space and easy access to items for your dog, such as medication, food, water, etc., consider buying a dog backpack. We recommend the Saranac Pack because it has two side bags with plenty of storage. You can also remove the bags and use the base as a harness.


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