We love our Chesapeake harness

Rob K

Review for Your Perfect Dog Harness

We love our Chesapeake harness.  My dog Baxter hurt his neck and our vet suggested we get him a harness to prevent re-injury.  I have always hated harnesses as they are hard to put on and take off, especially with an excited, squirmy dog.  The Chesapeake Harness slips over his head and easily snaps in place with two quick release buckles.   It is really well made and even looks great on him with a selection of colors (we got red).  Baxter does not mind wearing it at all, the thick straps and padded breast plate don’t dig into his chest or neck and it seems really comfortable.  Baxter is a young, exuberant dog, we leave the harness on him when we have guests over and the convenient top handle gives us an easy, safe way to help keep him from jumping on people without having to keep a leash on him in the house.