Walter’s Corner

Hello there!  My name is Walter, and I’m a happy and affable three year old white Labrador Retriever.  I live with my human in Annapolis, MD where we run BAYDOG, a company that makes dog products to enhance the relationships between people and their dogs.

The relationship between dogs and humans is significantly and richly interwoven through both of our species’ histories.  Some estimate that we’ve been together for 40,000 years!  (That’s a lot of belly rubs!)

Over that long time period, we’ve developed a bond unlike anything else. People find comfort and joy in the unerring and unconditional love of a dog, and dogs can rest in the protection and affection of their loving human families.  With lots of laughter and licks thrown in, our friendship is exceptional and beautiful in an often frenzied world.

However, there are the inevitable moments of misunderstanding between us.  In my blog, I’ll give you the world perspective from the other end of the leash.  I’d love to hear about your dog’s experiences too, so always feel free to send me your dog’s stories and pictures about the human-canine bond.

Thanks so much for reading!  Woof!

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