Company Story

BAYDOG was founded by Barton O’Brien, a Marine Veteran, reformed Wall Streeter and avid dog lover. After years working in finance in London and New York, Bart decided that he needed a change… He quit his job and the very next day picked up his new puppy -an adorable white Labrador Retriever named Walter. Soon after they left the big city for the shores of the Chesapeake, and now call Annapolis, MD home.

One day Bart was walking Walter home from the park with a dirty, slobber covered tennis ball that he didn’t want to touch, let alone put in his pocket (which was full of dog treats that would inevitably end up in the laundry).  And of course, the cheap plastic poop bag dispenser attached to his leash broke and the roll of bags unraveled all over the sidewalk. Bart thought, “I can fix all three of these problems with one product!”  The result was the Pack-N-Go Bag.  Bart took his new invention to a pet trade show where it won the Incubator Award for Best New Product, and BAYDOG was born!


Bart and Walter created BAYDOG to make products that look great, are highly functional, and go with their coastal lifestyle. Accordingly, every BAYDOG product is named after a different bay somewhere in the United States. And as a Veteran-Owned business, BAYDOG backs their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.