5 Tips to Help Your Dog on the 4th of July

5 Tips to Help Your Dog on the 4th of July

At BAYDOG, we care about your dog’s safety and their happiness. We want you and your pups to have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday so we’ve compiled some tips so you can have a great 4th of July! Here are 5 tips to help your pup have a safe 4th of July:  

1) Help your Dog Feel Calm and Safe

Many pups are scared by fireworks and other celebrations that happen on the 4th of July. When dogs are scared, they can act different and might not be thinking clearly. Many pets often run away because they are scared of the noise. There are some precautions and tips that you can take to help keep your dog as calm as possible.   We always recommend staying home with your pup on the 4th. Your dog is your best friend, so stick with him or her and take it easy. Invite some other friends and dogs over and watch the fireworks on TV. Dogs can be startled by the loud noise of fireworks, so when the festivities begin keep your pet in a room where he or she feels comfortable.   The first step is making sure they feel safe at home. If they’re more comfortable in their crate, give them access to go in and out as they please. Have some of their favorite toys and treats available to re-direct their attention. If the noise is too much for them, you could turn on the TV or some music to try to distract them. Lastly, make sure your doors and windows are locked so that if they were to get scared, they couldn’t run away.   If those tips don’t seem to be working, or you’re concerned your dog will be more nervous, talk to your vet about other options. Some can prescribe medication that will help your pet relax. CBD treats and oil are becoming more common for pets, but talk to your vet before you start your dog on any supplements. Dogs often pick-up on their humans feelings, so if you act calm it can even help keep them calm!   Personalized Dog Collars

2) Double Check That Their Identification is Up to Date

The 4th of July is a great time to make sure your dog’s identification is up to date. If in the off chance something happens, you want people to be able to reach you if your dog goes missing. If they have a microchip, double check to make sure your contact information is the same.   One of the safest ways to display contact information on your pup is with the BAYDOG Tampa Bay Embroidered Collar. Your information is embroidered directly on the collar, so there’s no way tags could fall off. If you don’t have one yet, we suggest picking one up ASAP for your pet!   Lastly, people are now turning to social media to help locate found and missing pets. Look into joining your local neighborhood on Nextdoor.com or seeing if there’s a local Facebook group for missing pets. Joining ahead of time will make it easier for you to connect with others if you find or loose a pet.  

3) Avoid Feeding them Human Food

While this is a tip that should be followed all year long, it’s especially important in the summer with barbecues and gatherings! As tempting as it is to throw a dog some food, it can be dangerous for them. It can cause stomach issues and some food is even poisonous, so it’s best to stay away from human food all together. If you are hosting an event and have a dog, encourage others to not feed your pup any scraps. It’s also a good idea to place food out of your dog’s reach if they tend to jump.   If you’re looking for a great way for your dog to enjoy these barbecues and events, consider making some special dog friendly treats! It can be as simple as freezing some bone broth for a refreshing summer treat. Your dog can still take part in the fun without any harm in eating people food.  

4) Make Sure They Don’t Overheat

Keeping your pup cool and safe is very important in the summer. Dogs can easily overheat in warm summer weather, so if you’re going to any outdoor events it might be better to keep your dog at home in the A/C. If you will be outside with your pup, here are some quick tips to avoid overheating:  
  • Keep your dog hydrated by carrying a collapsible water bowl and a water bottle
  • Try to keep your dog in the shade
  • Purchase a cooling mat or a wet towel for them to cool down on
  • Protect their paws from the hot pavement with shoes or by walking on the grass
  • Spend only a few minutes outside at a time and allow plenty of time to cool off indoors
  • Create some frozen dog treats to help keep them cool
If you’re interested in some other tips on keeping your pup cool, check out our blog post about transitioning from spring to summer.  

5) Keep Emergency Vet Info On Hand

Lastly, if anything were to happen, it helps to be prepared. Write down the names and contact information of some emergency vets that are open 24 hours. If you find a missing pup without any identification, many emergency vets will scan their microchip for free. If something were to happen to your pup, you will already know where to take him or her. We hope you have a safe and fun holiday! Feel free to save this image below to Pinterest so you’ll always have these tips on hand. Share your travels in BAYDOG with us on our InstagramFacebookand Twitter. Be sure to sign up for our email list to make sure you’re always the first to know when we release new products. Happy adventuring!  

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