Contest Winners!

Contest Winners!

To kick off 2024 BAYDOG had a contest to give away a free Embroidered Collar.  We made entry really simple:  Send us an email telling us why your dog deserves a new Embroidered Collar, and we'll pick the one we like best.  And we'll throw in a matching leash and a BAYDOG hat too.  One problem... all the entries were fantastic!  Picking one winner was impossible!  So, we picked three. 

Here are the winners:


Mabel has been a BAYDOG for a long time.  Her mom uses the Pack-N-Go Bag while training her to be a therapy dog.  Having an embroidered collar with her name on it will make it easier for all the people she meets in nursing homes and hospitals.



Moose has had a tough go...  he was a stud dog who spent the first part of his life chained up outside.  He was adopted in 2022, but was abused, neglected and starved.  Thankfully he was rescued, and his foster couldn't let him go...  they officially adopted him.  Now he's in his forever home, and he's going to look very handsome in his new collar!



Lady actually typed her own entry:
"Hi. My name is Lady. When I was younger my pet John purchased some of your fine product. Now I've outgrown what I had and I need new swag! I'm pretty cozy here, got my own couch and bed I don't work. I enter contests.  Ever type on a phone with dog paws? Well wish me luck."


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