6 Ways to have an Amazing Memorial Day Weekend With Your Dog!

6 Ways to have an Amazing Memorial Day Weekend With Your Dog!

This Memorial Day may look a little different than years past, but we can still get outside and go on an adventure with our dogs while social distancing. 

As we take time this Memorial Day weekend to remember the fallen heroes who have provided us the freedoms we enjoy, this is also a time for rest and relaxation with our loved ones.  For dog lovers, this means a little extra time with our dogs.  Here are just a few things to do with your dog this weekend:

Boating with your dog! If the weather is right, head out on the water for a boat ride.  Your canine companion will thank you as the wind blows in their face, tongues out!  Our new Monterey Bay Life Jackets have arrived just in time for Summer!  Pick one up for your dog today!

SUP with your PUP.  If your dog is a water lover, try them out on a StandUp Paddleboard or a Kayak. In Annapolis, our local local StandUpPaddleboard Shop, Capital SUP, is open for the weekend! Even if your dog is a good swimmer, a Life Jacket is always recommended! Our Life Jackets come with a durable 'Rescue Handle' to help pull your pup back on board.

Go to a local beach that allows dogs. Playing fetch with a ball, floating toy, or stick, and watching your dog splash around in the water will bring a smile to everyone's face!  Remember to stay safe and stay cool! Bring lots of water, ice, towels, etc. You can find a dog-friendly beach near you HERE.


Head to a local park or trail for a hike with your furry friend.  Always make sure the trail allows for dogs, and be sure your dog is in good shape and has the endurance to go on a hike. Remember to check the weather and pack appropriately for you and your dog. Water, treats, and a dog first aid kit. Our Galveston Harness is perfect for hikes. It provides the ultimate support and has a lifting handle to help your companion up any steep inclines.

Go camping together. A dog and his owner, spending quality time with nature is a great bonding experience.  Your dog will be in heaven with all the new sights, sounds, and smells to investigate.  At end of a long day on the trail everyone will be tired out and you'll be ready to cuddle up with your furry friend inside your tent!  Our Saranac Pack is perfect is perfect for camping and can hold everything your dog needs to ruff it for a few days. And the saddlebags are removable, so you also have a great harness for the trip!



Teach your dog some new tricks. Memorial Day weekend allows a great opportunity to spend some quality time training your dog.  You could book some time with a professional dog trainer, this should ensure you that you will get a real improvement out of your dog in such a short amount of time. The Frisco Bay Treat Pouch comes in handy for holding the reward treats when training your dog!


No matter what you do this Memorial Day Weekend, we hope you and your dogs have a fun, safe and relaxing holiday weekend. Happy Adventuring!

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