7 Items Your Dog Needs at the Beach

7 Items Your Dog Needs at the Beach

Summer is the best time of the year to hit the beach, and many beaches even allow your pups to come! We want your travels to be safe, adventurous, and fun so we’ve thought about some essentials you should have when you take your dog to the beach.

Here are 7 items your dog needs at the beach:

1) A Floating Dog Toy

The first thing you should always pack is a toy for your dog. I recommend ones that float so your dog can play fetch on the sand or in the water. Two that I recommend are the BAYDOG Classic Bumper and the BAYDOG Fetch Ring. Both toys are durable and can provide hours of entertainment in the water.

2) A Water Bottle and Collapsible Water Bowl

The second item you’ll want to pack is a full water bottle and travel water bowl. It’s especially important that you and your furry friend stay hydrated at the beach. The sea water or any water with salt or bacteria can be fatal, so you should try to stop your dog from drinking any ocean or bay water. By giving them access to fresh water and having a lot on hand, you can keep them safe and hydrated.

3) A Set of Towels

Next up is a set of towels. I have a couple towels that I use exclusively for my dog, so I pack 2-3 with me when I go to the beach. By having multiple, you can dry your dog off with one or two. If you travel by car, you can use the other 1-2 to lay down on the seat so your dog doesn’t get your car too wet or dirty. Tampa Bay Collar

4) A Collar with Identification

This is one of the most important items, a dog collar with identification. Many dogs tend to be off leash if the beach allows it. If you decide to let your dog off leash, you should have proper and easy-to-recognize identification if they were to get too far out of your reach. I recommend the BAYDOG embroidered collar because your information is embroidered, meaning there’s no risk of it coming off. You also don’t have to worry about your tags getting ruined in the water because all of the information is on the collar.

5) Dog First Aid Kit

This is another very important item. I try to have a dog first aid kit in my car or close to me. Many contain a lot of useful items in case your dog was to get hurt. Since beaches can have glass, liter, and trash, it’s smart to have something with you in case your dog gets cut. The last thing you want is your dog to get cut and then get it infected with ocean water! With a dog first aid kit, you’ll always be prepared.

6) A Waterproof Camera

While a waterproof camera isn’t a necessity, it’s still fun to have! Another option is a waterproof case for your phone. There’s nothing better than getting some photos of your dog running on the beach or swimming in the water for Instagram!  

7) Dog Treats

The last item I make sure to pack is dog treats. If I know my dog will be extra active that day, I might throw in some kibble. The best way to carry around dog treats is in the BAYDOG Frisco Bay Treat Pouch. It can attach directly to a dog leash so it’s close by. You don’t have to worry about treats spilling all in your bag or pocket. Another reason that I bring treats with me to parks is so I can redirect the attention of my dog if needed. Maybe he's run off a little too far and I can't catch up quickly. Or maybe there is a family at the beach having a picnic and my dog wants to head over for a sniff. Or a little kid playing in the sand who is afraid of dogs. The treats help encourage my dog to come when called and ignore the other distractions. Also, I try to make sure I have poop bags with me. Sometime official dog runs will have bad dispensary, but others that are just dog friendly areas or beaches that are dog friendly from certain times of the day, may not. So I bring at least 2 along in my pocket just in case. The great thing about the Frisco Bay Treat Pouch is that it can hold a roll of poop bags inside! Before your visit, double check the beach regulations. You can search dog friendly beaches on Bring Fido.  Some beaches only allow dogs to be on the beach at certain hours, some require certain licenses, and some may require you to pay a fee. It’s important that you make sure your dog is up to date on their shots as well. If you’re local to the DMV area, our favorite dog beach is Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis. There is an entrance fee, but you can buy an annual pass to save money if you think you’ll visit multiple times.   Before you go to the beach, check out some Seaworthy Dog Gear from BAYDOG. If you are headed out to the beach be sure to take some photos and share them with us! Email them to: info@baydog.com or tag #baydog when you post. Be sure to sign up for our email list to make sure you’re always the first to know when we release new products. Feel free to Pin this image below on Pinterest so you can save it. Have fun in the sun!

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