A Dog's Purpose:  Movie Review

A Dog's Purpose: Movie Review

Thanks for reading my second movie review!  Today we're going to look at "A Dog's Purpose."  Now, I know some of you have chosen not to see this film because of the news that some of the actors were allegedly abused during filming...  Well, those allegations turned out to be FALSE, otherwise I wouldn't have watched it either! "A Dog's Purpose" is the story of one dog - one dog that gets reincarnated four times!  So right away you know it's going to be at least a little sad because the main character has to die four times.  But only once do they draw this out and focus on the sadness it brings to the humans.  Otherwise, you don't have time to be sad because as soon as one dog passes, he's instantly reincarnated into a new puppy with a whole new life. Each life the dog lives reveals another purpose he can serve for his human.  In his main life, which takes up about the first third of the movie, he's named Bailey -a young boy's companion, growing up with him until he leaves the house at 18.  He also serves as a police dog, a companion for a lonely college student, and a neglected dog who gets rescued by a familiar face from a previous life. This movie isn't made for dogs...  We know our purpose.  This movie is made for humans, and it's full of lessons for those that choose to have a dog in their lives.  For example, in his first life (which lasts about 5 minutes), the main character escapes from a puppy mill.  Obvious lesson: don't get your dog from a puppy mill.  In his second life, as Bailey, he is rescued from a hot car by his new owner.  The lesson: don't leave your dog in a hot car (duh!).  Perhaps the most important lesson comes toward the end when Bailey is reincarnated into an adorable St. Bernard / Australian Shepherd puppy and sold to a young wife outside a supermarket.  Her abusive husband doesn't allow the dog in the house and leaves him chained up, alone, all day and all night, rain or shine, in the back yard.  Eventually, he abandons the dog in a desolate area.  It's horribly depressing to watch and made me appreciate my owner that much more.  But the lesson is clear: DON'T GET A DOG UNLESS YOU'RE COMMITTED TO TAKING CARE OF HIM!  And in a "Dog's Purpose," it is clear that properly caring for a dog takes a lot of time, effort, and most of all, LOVE. In the end, this movie does what it set out to do: provide good wholesome entertainment for dog lovers, especially families who are looking to teach their children to appreciate the most important member of the family... The dog.  Woof!

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