A Look Inside the Frisco Bay Treat Pouch

A Look Inside the Frisco Bay Treat Pouch

Did you know BAYDOG started with the Frisco Bay Treat Pouch? It is one of our most unique products that is so helpful when you’re walking your dog. In true entrepreneurial fashion, the product was created from an issue that our founder and CEO, Bart, faced when walking his new puppy named Walter.

The Back-Story

One day Bart was walking Walter home from the park with a slobber covered tennis ball that he didn’t want to touch, let alone put in his pocket. He had a pocket full of dog treats which would inevitably end up in the laundry, and the cheap plastic poop bag dispenser attached to his leash broke and the roll of bags unraveled all over the sidewalk. Bart thought, “I can fix all three of these problems with one product!” and the result became the Frisco Bay Treat Pouch.  

The Features

The Frisco Bay Treat Pouch comes in five colors: Red, Purple, Green, Blue, and Black. Let’s examine some of the features that make it so special: Leash Mounted: The treat pouch comes with two straps so it can easily mount to a leash. It fits extremely well on our Hudson Bay Leash. The top strap of the treat pouch should be attached to the handle of your leash, while the bottom strap should be attached to the base of your leash. This will help your treat pouch mount on your handle, so it won’t slide down the leash. Metal Belt Clip: If you’d rather attach the treat pouch to your belt, you can do that! It features a strong metal clip on the back. Either way you attach, it’s guaranteed to have a secure fit.     Tennis Ball Carrier: If you have a dog who loves tennis balls, you know the joy of carrying a wet ball once fetch is over :) Our built in mesh tennis ball carrier means you can pop the tennis ball in, without having to deal with the wet mess. It also fits lacrosse balls and balls of similar sizes to tennis balls.   Spacious Center Pocket: The inside features a center pocket which is perfect for treats! The pocket is lined so you don’t have to worry about your treats making too much of a mess. If you’re training a new puppy, having treats close to you is a huge help. If your dog isn’t a huge treat fan, you could put another tennis ball or more personal belongings inside.   Velcro Pocket: On the outside, there is a small pocket that closes with velcro. This is a great spot to put keys, IDs, credit card, and other small items that you may need. The velcro pocket is perfect if you don’t want to take your whole purse on a walk or to the dog park. You can simply put your small essentials in the separate pocket and know that they’re secured.     Waste Bag Dispenser: The side of the treat pouch features a waste bag dispenser. It comes with a free roll of poop bags as well. The waste bag dispenser fits most normal sized rolls. The dispenser makes it easy to pull your bags out.   Magnetic Closure: The top easily seals with a magnetic closure. You don’t have to worry about anything you put inside falling out.   100% Guarantee: Every BAYDOG product comes with a 100% guarantee. If you don’t love it, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked.    

Who is it good for?

Our treat pouch is great for anyone who walks dogs! Here are some useful examples of how people use our treat pouch:
  • Training a Puppy: The center pouch is perfect for always having treats on hand.
  • Professional Dog Walkers: All of the features are perfect for professional dog walkers. You’ll never be without poop bags!
  • Pocket-less Outfits: Think of the treat pouch as an external pocket. It can hold almost all of your basic essentials.
  • Every Dog Owner: This product can easily change your walking game! It’s a necessity for every dog owner who enjoys walks with their pups.


Below are some reviews from other dog owners:
  • Indithegreatdanish says: “I recently got this and love it! It’s so useful for training sessions! It has everything you need for a walk with your pooch! The purple color was gorgeous! My favorite part was how durable it was, it surprised me! Highly recommend!”
  • Baxter states: “I love this treat pouch so much! It has everything you could want. It holds a ton of treats, has poop bags, a ball holder and a front pouch for your chapstick or keys. Being able to attach it to a leash is so convenient and isn’t bulky or annoying while walking. The treat pouch closes magnetically to keep your pup out. It is beautifully made and I love the black. You are also able to clip the pouch to your waist if you wish. Great treat bag indeed!”
  • Brandi says: “This pouch is amazing! I absolutely love it and will never walk my dog without it. The quality is exceptional! I was actually surprised how well made it is. The color choices are great. We have the purple and it is really cute. It isn’t bulky or hard to carry. The pouch fits perfectly on the leash handle and it is really a must have! I highly recommend buying their treat pouch.”
  Our Frisco Bay Treat Pouch retails for $19.95. Try it out for yourself and let us know how it enhances your adventures with your pup! Share your travels in BAYDOG with us on our InstagramFacebookand Twitter. Be sure to sign up for our email list to make sure you’re always the first to know when we release new products!

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