Adventure Tested: The Galveston Bay Harness

At BAYDOG, we want our employees to get outside with their pups to put our gear to the test. Living in Annapolis, we have access to water, trails, woods, beaches, and every element in between. Today, our Social Media Director, Morgan, put the Galveston Bay Harness to the test with her dog Captain. They invited a friendly pup River, and her owner Amanda, to see how the Galveston stood up. The goal was to examine how the Galveston worked in different elements and to see what exactly makes it the best dog harness for large breeds.  

Adventure: Boating


Captain & I love to spend our weekends on the water. We normally tie up with other boats and will move from boat to boat, so I found the traffic handle so helpful for this. If Captain can’t jump from boat to boat by himself, I can pick him up by the traffic handle and help him. I know that he’s secure since there’s three straps. Another factor that is great for days on the boat is the lightweight mesh. I can rest assured that Captain won’t overheat while wearing the harness. Lastly, when we're driving fast on the boat, I like to keep Captain safe at the center console. I thought the D-ring on the back of the harness was helpful because I could clip his leash on and keep him near me.  

Adventure: Swimming


For the rest of our adventures, we teamed up with Amanda and River to see their thoughts on the harness. Both Captain and River had a great time running in the water. One of our favorite factors of the Galveston is that it can get wet! We left them on the whole time the dogs were in the water. It was really nice not to have to worry about continuing to put the harness on and off. When we got home, we just left our harnesses out to dry overnight and they looked great the next day. Captain typically gets extremely matted when wet so I was nervous that the Galveston would make his mats worse. However, since it’s made with non-rigid nylon guards, there were no extra mats to comb out.      

Adventure: Hiking & Exploring


While Quiet Waters doesn't have any mountains, it does have many trails and woods to explore. The reflective stitching and the colors of the harness, especially the safety blaze orange, provides great visibility when the dogs are off leash. The Galveston Harness also covers a lot of the dog's surface area which helps with visibility too. While we didn't hunt, I think these harnesses would be great for hunting dogs. Another feature that I loved was the material. The padded chest plate and spine guard help protect from any burrs or elements that they would rub up against. Captain got into some mud and the harness just wipes clean!  

Overall Findings:

What I love most about the Galveston Bay Harness is it’s versatility. It is easy to switch from one adventure and climate to another without having to lug a bunch of extra gear around. I think of it as a great all-in-one product. Definitely my favorite harness that I've ever tried! Our Galveston Bay Harness retails for $38.95-$41.95. Try it out for yourself and let us know how it enhances your adventures with your pup! Share your travels in BAYDOG with us on our InstagramFacebookand Twitter. Be sure to sign up for our email list to make sure you’re always the first to know when we release new products!