Dog Overboard!  A True Story

Dog Overboard! A True Story

If you are hesitant to get a lifejacket for your dog, here is a story from our friends @CoastalSol and their dog Banks.  They live aboard their sailboat ~ Follow along their adventures on Instagram! 

Our pup Banks is part of our crew. And those who have had the chance to meet her know how reserved and skittish she is about new humans. We are working with her trying to get her comfortable at her own pace.

However, the other day we were at the marina and Banks backed up and fell off the fixed dock! The tide was extremely low so there was about an 8 foot drop to the water.  She was in shock, not knowing what had happened, and would not respond to our calls. It was a chilly and windy day -both water and air were about 40F.  Our BAYDOG lifejacket came in clutch in all the chaos. Ryan was able to use our boat hook to pull her in close, and then grab her by the two handles on the back of the lifejacket to lift her out of the water. 

This is not a paid advertisement. This is a real life incident!  We are absolutely thrilled with our BAYDOG's Monterey Bay Offshore Lifejakcet. Yes, I KNOW dogs can swim just fine, but man (or dog) overboard situations, especially during cold weather or anytime you're offshore sailing, need to be taken seriously.  And that goes for both people and clumsy fur balls. Thanks again for the save BAYDOG! 

-Capt Ryan, Coastal Sols


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