Help a Dog This Veterans Day

Many heroes have two legs, but some have four.  Every day our troops around the world rely on Military Working Dogs (MWD’s) to perform many missions –from sniffing out bombs to providing security, MWD’s are always on the job supporting their human colleagues. After their service, many MWD’s are adopted out to loving homes, sometimes even with their former handlers.  And many law enforcement agencies make every effort to do the same for their K-9 partners.  However, not every dog is suitable for adoption due to their attack training, field experiences, or injuries suffered in the line of duty (including the same PTSD that afflicts many of our fellow human veterans). These canine veterans need to be rescued or they are put down. This is the mission of the two charities we support: and The Warrior Dog Foundation: to rescue these "other forgotten soldiers." The Chesapeake Bay Dog Company is a veteran-owned business. Our founder spent eight years in the Marines and served three combat tours in Iraq.  And since our entire team are passionate dog lovers, the Chesapeake Bay Dog Company donates to charities that serve both veterans and dogs: and the Warrior Dog Foundation. A portion of our profits benefit these two groups. Please help us make an impact!