How To Choose the Right Dog Harness for Your Canine Companion

How To Choose the Right Dog Harness for Your Canine Companion

If you've been shopping for a harness for your canine companion and you're feeling frustrated, don't worry. We completely understand how challenging it can be to find the right harness for your dog that meets your needs and your budget. There are so many options on the market, and it can be extremely overwhelming for pet parents to learn how to choose the right dog harness. You've made it to the BAYDOG website, so you're already off to a great start. Now, let's discuss what makes a quality harness and how to choose the right dog harness for your pet.

How To Choose the Right Dog Harness

First of all, you have to know the difference between the different styles of harnesses. There are two main types: step-in harnesses and over-the-head harnesses. As the name suggests, you will place a step-in harness on the ground, have your dog step into it, and then wrap it up around his chest and buckle it between his should blades. This might be okay for dogs that don't wear harnesses often, but it's a bit of a pain if you'll be putting the harness on daily. At BAYDOG, we try to make things as easy for dogs and their owners as possible. That's why our Chesapeake Harness and our Cape Cod Bay Harness are both over-the-head harnesses. Unsurprisingly, these types of harnesses slide over your dog's head and are equipped with buckles that fasten on either side of his chest. These are much easier for the handler to put on and are less stressful for the dog. how to choose the right dog harnessWhat other features should you look for when learning how to choose the right dog harness? A traffic handle is a must-have on any dog harness. Traffic handles allow you to quickly take complete control over your dog when necessary. These handles do not add a lot of weight to the harness and can be grabbed in the event that you need your dog to stay right by your side. You'll be thankful for a traffic handle when you're hiking with your dog, walking him into a veterinary appointment or going for a stroll down a busy city sidewalk. You should also be sure to purchase a harness with a padded chest plate and soft connecting ribbons. While the main focus of a dog harness is to keep your pet safe and provide you with control over him, your dog's comfort needs to be priority #2. A padded chest plate will ensure that any pressure from your dog pulling on his lead is evenly dispersed throughout the chest. It will also prevent chaffing. Likewise, soft connector ribbons will prevent chaffing under the chest and armpits. Look for solid hardware and durable buckles on any dog harness that you are considering for purchase. You also need to make sure that it is easy to adjust. One of the best things about dogs is how diverse the species is. Let's say you and your friend both have Labrador Retrievers. They are the same color and weigh roughly the same. However, your dog may be taller or longer than your friend's pet. Your dog may have a deeper chest. Your friend may rave about the harness they have that fits their dog so well, but if it doesn't offer multiple adjustment points, it may not fit your Fido very well at all.

The Differences Between Our Harnesses

So, what's the difference between a BAYDOG Chesapeake Harness and a BAYDOG Cape Cod Bay Harness? Our Chesapeake Harness was designed with larger dogs in mind. It features the padded chest plate and soft nylon ribbons mentioned above. It also has a traffic handle and reflective stitching, which will keep your pup visible on nightly walks or during the early morning hours. This harness has 4 adjustment points to ensure you get just the right fit. There is also a leash attachment in the front (on the chest plate) and on the back (between your dog's shoulder blades). The front attachment is ideal for dogs that pull or pups in leash training. We understand that there are many differences between little dogs and large breeds. We kept your small dog's needs in mind when creating the Cape Cod Bay Harness. It is much lighter than the Chesapeake Harness, but keeps all of the same important features. You'll find reflective stitching, a traffic handle, a padded chest plate and soft nylon ribbons on this harness as well. There is Velcro adjustability around the neck and a secure buckle that fastens around your dog's back.

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