How To Measure Your Dog For A Harness

How To Measure Your Dog For A Harness

Choosing the right harness is only half of the battle. We all know BAYDOG harnesses are the best of the best, but you need to learn how to measure your dog for a harness before placing your order. A harness that doesn't fit properly will end up doing more harm than good for your pet. If a dog harness is too loose, it could cause injury to your pup. He could also wiggle his way out of the harness, potentially leading to a lost dog situation. If you get a harness that is a bit too small, it will be too tight around your dog's neck and chest. Not only could this restrict his range of motion, it could also cause chaffing and injury to his neck or legs. Learning how to measure your dog for a harness isn't difficult. In fact, it's really only two simple steps. And, the only thing you'll need to get the job done is a fabric tape measure.

How To Measure Your Dog For A Harness Properly

Cape Cod Size Chart   First, you'll need to measure around Fido's neck. Pretend the fabric tape measure is a collar, and wrap it around the neck where a collar would usually sit. If your dog has a thick, fluffy coat, do not take the coat into consideration when measuring his neck. Wrap the measuring tape tightly around his neck. You should only be able to fit one finger between your dog's neck and the tape. If you can fit more than that, you need to wrap the measuring tape tighter. This will be your dog's neck measurement. It is best to write this measurement down so you don't forget it. Next, you'll need to measure your dog's chest girth. 'Girth' is the term for the depth of your dog's chest at it's deepest point. This measurement is very important, because this is where the chest plate of the harness will fit.   Chesapeake Size Chart         Locate the deepest part of the chest, which will likely be right under his shoulder blades. Place the start of the tape measure in this spot, wrap it up around his shoulder blades and then back down to his chest. Record this measurement as well. Now, you're ready to order your dog's new BAYDOG Chesapeake or Cape Cod Harness. No matter which harness brand you choose, the sizes will fit dogs with a range of neck and chest sizes. Let's say that your dog has a 20" neck and a 22" chest girth. Our 'small' Chesapeake Harness fits a dog with a neck size of 12-20" and a chest girth of 16-22." Your dog just makes the cutoff of this size. While it would probably fit him, there won't be a lot of wiggle room. The 'medium' size Chesapeake Harness fits dogs with a neck size of 16-25" and a chest girth of 18-28." The 'medium' size would be a much better option for your dog. If his weight fluctuates or he gains/losses some muscle mass, the 'medium' harness will still fit. However, if he gains weight or muscle mass with the 'small' harness, it will no longer fit him.  

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