My Perfect Harness!

Ok, I'll admit it.  When I was a puppy I wasn't the best on walks.  I was a puller.  I couldn't help it!  There were so many new things to smell and explore...  And even though I've grown out of it for the most part (I still have my moments), I initially caused my human a lot of stress because I would pull so hard that I would actually start to wheeze and cough.  My collar put so much strain on my neck that my owner was afraid I might damage my trachea.  So he decided to get me a harness. My first few harnesses were ok.  They took the strain off my neck, but the straps were chafing a little bit and my human had a tough time controlling me.  We tried a no-pull harness but putting it on and taking it off was such a pain!  So we designed a totally new harness for me to wear, and it's PERFECT! The thing I like most about my new harness is the padded chest piece.  It's so comfortable!  Even when I pull it doesn't chafe or strain.  And I'm working on the pulling thing (it's hard!).  My new harness has an attachment point on the front that counters pulling, so that definitely helps.  And it's so easy to put on and take off!  My human just slips it over my head and connects the clips in the back.  So easy! But the best benefit -and what all the humans rave about -is the handle on the back.  I confess I sometimes like to jump on other dogs and the occasional person (hey, nobody's perfect!).  My human uses the handle on my harness to keep me in line.  And when I swim at the local pier he uses it to help me out of the water. Overall I have to say that I love my new harness, and since I'm an employee of the company I have one in every color (green is my favorite!).  And all the colors match my leash and treat pouch.  I'm an XL, but I know it comes in 4 other sizes too.  A lot of stores already have it and we're adding more every day (store locator coming to our website soon!). Thanks for reading!  Woof!