Outtakes from our BAYDOG Photo Shoot

This past week, we had a large photoshoot with 4 of our BAYDOG dog employees. If you want to read more about each dog's job title, you can read that here. Getting perfect images for any photoshoot is hard, but imagine using 4-legged friends as your models! We always make sure the dogs have fun and get rewarded for their best behavior, so we're always happy no matter how many good pictures we get from a shoot. For reference, we took around 200 photos and had 10-20 great images. Today, we're sharing all of the funny outtakes from our photoshoot. If you want to see some of those great photos, follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Here are some of the best outtakes we got: Walter (right) trying to convince Captain (left) that us humans won't be mad if they go swimming instead of modeling.     All of the dogs trying to catch treats at once.   Captain: "Hey Mikey, can you get a picture of my new paw-dicure?"   Stephen tries to keep up with the big dogs.   What 90% of our shoots look like...a bunch of happy dogs looking for treats!   Captain: "I'm NOT smiling until I get a treat."   We made sure to get every dog's good side.   And lastly, the dog dad's in their natural habitat snapping some photos for their dog's instagram. We hope you enjoyed seeing some outtakes from our recent photo shoot! If you want to see our best photos, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Pick up a BAYDOG Harness before your next adventure. Share your travels in BAYDOG with us on our InstagramFacebookand Twitter. Be sure to sign up for our email list to make sure you’re always the first to know when we release new products!