Personalized Dog Collars - Are They Worth the Money?

Personalized Dog Collars - Are They Worth the Money?

We all love splurging on fun things for our pets. Spoiling them makes us happy, and it gets their tails wagging too! But, we're all on a budget. Sometimes it's hard to decide whether or not we really should be spending money on dog supplies. What about personalized dog collars? What are the benefits? Are they really worth the added expense? The first thing that you need to know is that a quality dog collar is a MUST! Even if your dog doesn't wear a collar everyday, you will still need a reliable collar for traveling, trips to the vet and other outings. If you're thinking that all dog collars are the same, think again! As with most pet supplies, a cheaper price typically means cheaper quality. So, those $3 nylon collars at the big box store you frequent may not keep your dog safe when you need them to. Cheaper quality dog collars are made with poorer quality materials. The most important thing to look at is the hardware on the collar. Is it strong enough to hold if your dog pulls? Is it going to weaken or break over time? Thin plastic buckles may break or come undone if your dog pulls with enough force. Likewise, cheap plastic will weaken and crack over time. You need to purchase a dog collar that is made with quality hardware. Look for a brand that uses thick plastic or metal for their buckles. Does the buckle fasten securely, or is there some wiggle room? Quick snap buckles (like the kind featured on our Tampa Bay Collars) are the best option. They allow you to easily put the collar on and remove it when needed.

The importance of identification

Personalized Dog CollarsSo, now that you understand the importance of a choosing a premium quality dog collar, it's time to think about adding some kind of identification. Dog ID tags are the most common type of canine identification, but they have a few faults. For starters, that annoying jiggling sound they make drives many pet parents crazy. ID tags are also written in very small print that isn't easily noticed. The biggest drawback to ID tags is the simple fact that they frequently fall off of the collar. Let's say your Fido escapes your fenced yard and takes an unexpected adventure through the woods. He finally ends up finding his way into the yard of a Good Samaritan. Unfortunately, his ID tag has fallen off during his adventure, and the Good Samaritan can't return your beloved pup.

Why personalized dog collars are the best choice

Hopefully, your dog also has a microchip as a backup form of identification. If so, he will still be returned to you safe and sound - it will just take longer. However, if your dog had a personalized collar, the Good Samaritan would immediately see your information and be able to call you to inform you of your dog's whereabouts. Personalized dog collars allow anyone that finds your dog to see your information instantly. They don't need to look for an ID tag or take your pet to a veterinarian or shelter to have his microchip scanned. Whether your dog escapes your yard and visits a neighbor or gets loose in a strange city while you are traveling, a personalized dog collar will ensure his fast and safe return. Keep in mind that all personalized dog collars are not created equal. Some have a metal plate attached to the collar, and your information can be etched into the metal. While these collars look great, over time the etching will begin to fade. BAYDOG Tampa Bay Collars can be personalized with any information that you'd like. The information is embroidered onto the collar in large print. This ensures that it will be easily seen (as you can see in the photo above) and will last for the life of the collar.

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