Reasons to Adopt A Dog: Why You Should Choose Rescue Pets

Reasons to Adopt A Dog: Why You Should Choose Rescue Pets

Since prehistoric times, dogs have been humanity's steadfast loyal friend. There have always been many reasons to adopt a dog. These days, a dog isn't typically selected based on his ability to herd goats, hunt game or threaten predators. They are first and foremost a companion.
Dogs, like people, have their own character. The one thing all dogs have in common is a need for someone to take care of them. You could be that person! The following infographic shares the reasons to adopt a dog instead of purchasing from a breeder.

Reasons to Adopt A Dog why you should choose rescue pets

It's commonly thought that the only way to get a suitable dog is to go to a breeder. Not true in the slightest! A conscientious animal shelter has employees and volunteers who constantly work with individual dogs and know each dog's quirks and habits. They can introduce you to the one that's best for you. Don't pay much mind to breed stereotypes. Dobermans are not savage, but very loyal and obedient. Great Danes are not stupid, but just as capable of being trained as any other dog. Poodles were actually bred for duck hunting. The most common dog stereotype in need of dispelling is that mixed breeds are trouble. Yes, they've been through a lot. But, they're not unsalvageable. In fact, one of the reasons to adopt a dog is to give it a home of its own. Studies have shown that as many as 95% of shelter dogs are mixed breed dogs in desperate need of a home and family of their own. The Dogs Need You! Mixed breed dogs have long life spans under ideal conditions. They tend to be in good health and have the best features of every breed in their lineage. Not only are you getting a one of a kind personality, a mixed breed dog will generally have a unique look to them. Musician Dave Grohl has said "No one is you, and that is your power." He could say much the same to a dog. Most dogs in shelters have suffered neglect and abuse, but with love and patience they can learn to trust humanity again. That's where you come in. There are more dogs in need than shelters with resources to care for. One of my favorite reasons to adopt a dog is because you're not only giving him another chance at life, you're also allowing the shelter the means to take care of one more homeless animal in need of assistance. At the end of the day, you're really helping two dogs at the same time when you adopt! If you are in need of more reasons to adopt a dog, please take a few moments to look over this infographic: 10 Reasons To Adopt A Dog

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