Tips for Paddleboarding with A Dog

Tips for Paddleboarding with A Dog

One of our favorite activities to do with our pups over the summer is paddleboarding! It's a great way to get outside and explore with your dog. Our friends at Capital SUP in Annapolis gave us some tips for how to paddleboard with your dog. Capital SUP offers paddleboarding and kayak rentals and tours in Annapolis, Maryland. They are currently located on Back Creek and offer several fun events throughout the year. If you are local to Annapolis and want to try paddleboarding with your dog, they have 3 SUP with your PUP events in August: Sunday, July 28th at 4:00pm, Wednesday, August 14th at 6:00pm, and Sunday, August 25th at 4:00pm. If those dates don't work for you, you can also stop by Capital SUP and rent a board or kayak with your pup any day!   Here are some tips from Lindsay Cook, Marketing Manager of Capital SUP, and her pup Huckleberry.  

Tips for Paddleboarding With Your Dog

  • Make sure you have a life jacket for your dog! Even if they are a good swimmer it is always good to have a life jacket on your pup, especially with the handle on the top if you need to lift them on and off your board, or pull them up out of the water. (Stay tuned because BAYDOG is launching something exciting next summer!)
  • Practice commands having your dog jump up or place on other objects on land before you have your dog get on a board on the water to familiarize your dog standing on objects.
  • Get your dog comfortable with your board. Bring it inside the house or outside where your dog can get used to it. Practice commands with your dog to get on the board and stay. Commands like "Place" or "Jump Up" and reward with a treat once they do so. Do this also for stepping off and on the board.
  • Now try it on the water...Get on the board first and then place your dog on the front of the board. In between you and the nose of the board is where the dog will sit. Sometimes they walk around the board and through your legs, so make sure you have good balance. But we all fall in sometimes!
  • Keep treats with you in your pocket if needed.
  • The best boards for dogs are ones with a soft top so that the dog won't slip. Inflatables are also a good option that have a good grip for the dog. Epoxy boards will be more slippery for the dog.
  • Make sure the board is big enough if you have a large dog. An 11 foot board with a wider nose and more surface area would be better for larger dogs. (100 lbs+)
  • Make sure to bring water for hydration for you and your pup.
  • Paddle and enjoy the time on the water with your pup!
Although many people think paddleboarding with your pup can be daunting, it's easy if you break it down into simple steps and train them to like the board! If you are unsure of where to start, stop by a Capital SUP with your Pup event for some extra tips! Thank you to our friends at Capital SUP, especially Lindsay Cook and Huckleberry, for the tips! We can't wait to see you at your next SUP with your Pup!   Feel free to save this image below to Pinterest so you can always come back to read these tips! Sign up for our email list to be notified when new products drop. Share your travels in BAYDOG with us on our InstagramFacebookand Twitter. Happy adventuring!  

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