What Makes A Chesapeake Harness Better Than Other Dog Harnesses?

What Makes A Chesapeake Harness Better Than Other Dog Harnesses?

Choosing the right harness for your dog can be a challenge. There are so many models available, so how are you supposed to pick one? Many dog owners make their selection based on price alone. However, as the old saying goes, you'll get what you pay for. We take pride in offering our Chesapeake Harness at an affordable price without skimping on quality. So, what makes a Chesapeake Harness better than other dog harnesses? Let's find out!

The Chesapeake Harness for Dogs

The dog harnesses are designed with medium and large breeds in mind. We know larger dogs are more active, which means they are harder on their gear than smaller breeds. That's why the Chesapeake Harness is made with top quality materials and reinforced stitching. Chesapeake HarnessAs you'll see in the video above, we've designed this harness to be easy to put on and take off. You simply slide it over Fido's head and secure the buckles around his chest. This harness also features 4 adjustment points. The adjustment buckles on cheap dog harnesses don't secure very well. When your dog runs, swims or jumps, the buckles on these harnesses will loosen. It's easy to slide the adjustment buckles of our Chesapeake Harness into place, and they stay in place when your dog is running around. We know that a dog harness is an important tool to keep your dog safe. That's why the Chesapeake Harness is equipped with 3 different attachment points. You can see them in the video above. Two attachment points are located on your dog's back - one on either end of the traffic handle. There is also a D-ring on the chest plate of the harness. A chest attachment is ideal for dogs that pull on their leash and for large puppies that are leash training. The Chesapeake Harness is also designed with comfort in mind - for you and your pup. We've added a padded traffic handle that is comfortable to hang on to when you're walking in crowded areas. It also has a padded chest plate to keep your pooch comfy too! BAYDOG also keeps safety in mind when making our dog gear, which is why the Chesapeake Harness is made with reflective stitching to keep your dog seen in the dark. Chesapeake HarnessNow that you know what makes our Chesapeake Harness better than other harnesses, you may be thinking about purchasing one. We offer colors to match every coat and personality. This harness is available in:
  • red
  • black
  • blue
  • green
  • purple
  • pink
  • camo
At just $28.95, the Chesapeake Harness is priced to be affordable for pet owners on any budget. In fact, it's actually cheaper than other harnesses of the same size and quality. And, we also make a matching leash (the Hudson Bay Leash) that is designed with 2-ply construction and reinforced stitching for big dogs and their owners.


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