Monterey Bay Dog LifeJacket OffShore | Nautical Yellow
Monterey Bay Dog LifeJacket OffShore | Nautical Yellow
Monterey Bay Dog LifeJacket OffShore | Nautical Yellow
Monterey Bay Dog LifeJacket OffShore | Nautical Yellow
Monterey Bay Dog LifeJacket OffShore | Features
Monterey Bay Dog LifeJacket OffShore | Features
Monterey Bay Dog LifeJacket OffShore | Blaze Orange
Monterey Bay Dog LifeJacket OffShore | Blaze Orange
Monterey Bay Dog LifeJacket OffShore | Blaze Orange
Monterey Bay Dog LifeJacket OffShore | Blaze Orange
Monterey Bay Dog LifeJacket OffShore
Monterey Bay Dog LifeJacket OffShore
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There is literally nothing like the Monterey Bay Offshore Dog Lifejacket anywhere in the world.  We took our award-winning Monterey Bay Lifejacket, and made 3 changes to enhance the performance to accommodate dogs engaged in offshore boating:

  • Flotation pontoons on the top will roll your dog upright, even if they enter the water upside down
  • A flotation pad added below the dog’s chin will keep their head elevated for greater survivability in offshore situations
  • A second handle was added to sizes M, L and XL to assist bringing larger dogs back onto the boat

Whether you are rafting, kayaking, paddleboarding, or just out on the boat, being on the water is always better with your canine companion.  The BAYDOG Monterey Bay Offshore Lifejacket is designed to keep your pup safe and secure during all your waterborne adventures.

The Monterey Bay Offshore Dog Life Jacket supports your dog's entire body from below and lifts their head above the water line.  Look at other dog lifejackets on the market… most are completely open underneath the dog’s front legs and chest.


The design of the Monterey Bay Offshore supports your dog's entire body from below and provides buoyancy where they need it: under their chest and head!  This support area is not just important for floatation, it’s especially important to support this area for lifting.  The Monterey Bay Offshore Dog Lifejacket is better by design, made with the quality you’ve come to expect from BAYDOG.

• STABILIZING PONTOONS: On the back of the lifejacket seek the surface to roll your dog upright

• ENHANCED CHEST FLOTATION: Keeps your dog’s head above the waterline for enhanced survivability in varying sea conditions

• FULL TORSO SUPPORT: Ergonomically designed to allow complete range of swimming motion

• TWO RESCUE HANDLES: A second handle added with reinforced stitching, makes it easy to pull your dog aboard (M, L, XL only).

• HI VISIBILITY: Bright colors that are easy to spot

• REFLECTIVE TRIM: 360 degrees of nightime visibility

Monterey Bay Dog Lifejacket Size Chart

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The Monterey Bay Life Jacket has a few components to ensure a perfect fit. This video will help you get it set and ready for the water!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Michelle Jarecki
Great vest

Awesome life vest. My golden wore it all day on and off the boat! He did not mind it at all. He swam all day and I’m pretty sure it kept him afloat since he had to be tired of chasing the ball and swimming non stop. Tried many vests in the past but because he’s a big boy 135 lbs they really didn’t do much. With this one we pulled him out of the water with the handles no issues . Only thing was we did need to keep adjusting the straps the first day till we got the perfect fit. I suggest the vest be wet to do it as a dry vest fits snuggly but wet it expands a bit! Now I have to wait for the puppy to grow a bit so I can get him one too!!


I wanted a life jacket for our 7lb maltipoo puppy and had been unable to find one small enough. He’s 10” neck, 14” girth, 12” back. There’s room for growth. It’s high quality fabric and balanced flotation and I love the handle. I like the chest piece between front arms, which prevents him from slipping his head out. We tried it out last week at Redfish Lake in ID. Next up will be SUP pup!
PS—We had intended to buy this harness for our 40lb Aussie a year ago for water therapy for myelopathy. He had laryngeal paralysis and was high risk for aspiration in water. This life jacket seemed to have enough flotation to help keep his head out of the water. Sadly, the rehab center thought it was too risky. Thank you Baydog!

Linda K Massey
Standard Poodle likes his life jacket

We spent the weekend at the Lakehouse with our poodle, family and friends. Life jacket worked great. It was easy to get our poodle out of water and back in the boat. He enjoyed swimming.

J Webb

Quality vest that fits well.

Donald Boltauzer

Monterey Bay Dog LifeJacket OffShore



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The best harness we have found so far! We use these harnesses when traveling. They are extremely sturdy, fit well, look great, and are easy to get on and off. Our dogs don’t seem to mind wearing them even for very long car rides. Highly recommend.

Kathleen M.

This is our 2nd BayDog harness. It’s sturdy and well-made, very easy to take off and put on. We like the handle on the back which is extremely useful for steadying a neuro-impaired elderly dog and helping her up. My only complaint is that the straps are hard to adjust when the harness is new.

Janet L.

Best harness out there for my English Bulldog . I have bought harness from Baydog for over 3 years now. They are very durable and I am able to have full control for a heavy puller . Highly recommended! Great styles and colors to choose from.

Gail W.

My son and his small rescue dog were recently taking an evening walk when a large dog came running from nowhere and attacked his dog. Using the harness handle, my son was able to quickly lift his dog to safety and get away.


I have tried so many harnesses for my 3 year old Golden and none of them have worked for his pulling so I thought I would give this one a try and it has worked great for his pulling. Thank you

Allisa W.

I absolutely love these harnesses. We got one a few years back but it broke and I ordered another. I got the wrong size and I let them know it was to big. They sent another one super fast. I love these products. I loved the customer service. All dogs should be wearing bay dogs.

Lenora D.

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